About this Event

The Massive Momentum Tour is a 30+ event, nationwide speaking tour featuring Doug and Thea Wood’s message of purpose, freedom, and authenticity. They share their transformation stories of going from struggling in their faith, finances, and marriage, to thriving in each area. Their message is for average people (just like them) with above-average desires to become the best version of themselves.

They imagine a world where people live and express the riches within, rather than purely pursue the riches without. Doug and Thea’s authentic and relatable communication style creates instant connections with anyone who desires more for their life.

They are in demand speakers, co-founders of Valor Global Online, an innovative school bringing synergy to students and their families worldwide, and the founders of Aradaya Media and Publishing,.

They have also been called the entrepreneur family, as their three children, Amaya (14), Katelyn (11), and Phoenix (2), are also writing books, speaking, starting businesses of their own, and fully embracing their family’s legacy.

The featured guest speakers of the Tarrytown Event is JC Doornick and Drew and Rae Lloyd.

Dr. JC Doornick is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, Public Speaker that serves three areas of personal growth, Physical, Mental and Financial Health.

His journey began in 1999 when he became a Doctor of Chiropractic with a primary interest in helping people maximize their chances at expressing health and handling adversity by removing stress and restoring tone to the body. This inherent passion and ability led him to many physical transformations including losing 80 lbs in 2007 followed by a transformation to optimal health to this day. As a Health Professional, and Certified Health Coach, Dr. JC discovered a unique ability to identify with the Intrinsic Motivations (Wants, Desires) of his clients followed by an autonomy supportive role in guiding people to achieve new realities in Health and Financial Freedom. He is a skilled communicator and public speaker and has provided inspiration and breakthroughs for audiences all over the world.

Dr. JC was the cofounder and President/CEO and Co-Founder of Chiromission, which is the “Doctors without Borders” of the Chiropractic profession. Chiromission, is responsible for feeding, housing, educating, and bringing drug free health care to third world countries where people are not fortunate to have access to such a luxury.

“I was messed up, now I’m blessed up”. After a full scale life transformation including losing 80lbs 13 years ago, Dr. JC Doornick Shifted his Time, Energy and Focus to the field of Habits of Disease, Obesity and Weight Loss. As a Certified Health Coach and Business Leader with Optavia, Dr. JC has helped over thousands of Americans transform and create Health in their lives one healthy habit at a time.

Dr. JC playing the role of Podcast Personality “DRAGON” of the popular Relationship, Sexuality and Personal Growth Podcast “RISE UP WITH CHICKEN AND DRAGON”, is providing “appropriately in appropriate” breakthrough and education helping subscribers confront discussion topics that society has led them to believe should be kept quiet in the realm of intimacy, relationships and sex.

He is the PROUD FATHER of two young boys, Jaxson and Jeremy and they are the reason he does what he does.

Rae Lloyd is a certified health coach, mother of 3, writer, salon owner, inspirational influencer, advocate and business mentor. She spends her time assisting others to physical & financial health, traveling the world and reading.

Drew Lloyd is a certified health coach, retired surgical technologist, father, husband and self growth aficionado. Drew encourages others to dream big and get obsessed. He enjoys playing softball, helping others win in life and spending time with his family.