About this Event

The Massive Momentum Tour is a 30+ event, nationwide speaking tour featuring Doug and Thea Wood’s message of purpose, freedom, and authenticity. They share their transformation stories of going from struggling in their faith, finances, and marriage, to thriving in each area. Their message is for average people (just like them) with above-average desires to become the best version of themselves.

They imagine a world where people live and express the riches within, rather than purely pursue the riches without. Doug and Thea’s authentic and relatable communication style creates instant connections with anyone who desires more for their life.

They are in demand speakers, co-founders of Valor Global Online, an innovative school bringing synergy to students and their families worldwide, and the founders of Aradaya Media and Publishing,.

They have also been called the entrepreneur family, as their three children, Amaya (14), Katelyn (11), and Phoenix (2), are also writing books, speaking, starting businesses of their own, and fully embracing their family’s legacy.

The featured Speaker for the Dallas Event is Tiffany Howard.

Tiffany is a wife to her childhood sweetheart, a mom to precious, but crazy twin girls and a special needs angel. When her oldest daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy, she prayed for a way to work from home so she could be a fully present momma while also making an impact in the world. God answered her prayer when she found purpose and calling in life and now runs a nationwide health coaching practice all from her phone. God used the very thing that held her captive for 25 years (obesity) to set her and now 20,000 other people free. Because of the freedom health coaching has provided, she is blessed to travel the world training making tons of memories with her husband and three girls, and her favorite place to make those memories is Disney!!!